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Want to attend a hackathon in the Netherlands? Together, we’re building the most comprehensive list of Dutch hackathons. Do you know about a hackathon that’s not on this list? Check out the contribution guide below to add it yourself, or send an email to [email protected].

Upcoming Hackathons

The table below contains hackathons that have announced their next editions, complete with website links, locations, and past years in which they’ve run.

Hackathon Location Past Editions Upcoming Edition
Accountability Hack The Hague 2017, 2018 October 4
TADHack Global Rotterdam 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 October 12 - 13

Past Hackathons

This table contains hackathons for which no future edition has been announced. Many of these are still “active” (so we keep them on the list) but haven’t set a date for their next edition yet.

Hackathon Location Past Editions
24H Hackathon Amsterdam Amsterdam 2018
36 Hour Hackathon Amsterdam 2017
Accountability Hack The Hague 2018
ADE Hackathon Amsterdam 2016, 2017
Adidas Hackathon Amsterdam 2018
Amsterdam Hackathon Omgevingswet Amsterdam 2017
ANWB Hack Camp Utrecht 2017
Arnhem Hackathon Arnhem 2017
Avicenna Hackathon Utrecht 2017, 2018
Beyond Banking Hackathon Halfweg 2017, 2018
Blockchaingers Hackathon Groningen 2018
Brighthack Heerlen 2018
Bright Future Eindhoven 2018
Capgemini Automation Hackathon Utrecht 2017
Climathon (Multiple cities) 2017
Climate Hackathon Rotterdam 2016
Coffee and Coding Groningen 2017
De Volksbank Hackathon Utrecht 2016, 2017, 2018
Desire of Innovation Hackathon Roosendaal 2017
Dutch Blockchain Hackathon Groningen 2017
Dutch FinTech Hackathon Utrecht 2014
Dutch Hacking Health (Multiple cities) 2017
Dutch Health Hackathon Leeuwarden 2015, 2017
Dutch Mobility Hackathon The Hague 2017
Dutch Open Hackathon Rotterdam 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Eneco Hackathon Rotterdam 2018
Energy Hack NL Utrecht 2018
FuseHack Amsterdam 2015
Global AI Hackathon Amsterdam 2017
Hack4SmartServices Heerlen 2017
Hack-A-Holiday: All Women Edition Amsterdam 2017
Hackathon BorderSessions The Hague 2017
Hackathon Zorg&ICT Heemstede 2017
Hackatrain Amsterdam 2015, 2016, 2017
HackDelft Delft 2017, 2018
Hackup 2017 Enschede 2017
Hack Je Plek Zutphen 2017
Hack the Road Amsterdam 2017
HEX Eindhoven 2017, 2018
HUH?! Hogeschool Utrecht Hackathon Utrecht 2017
ING Hackathon Rotterdam 2018
Kart Hackathon Huizen 2016, 2017
Open Source Hackathon Utrecht 2018
Qurrent Hackathon Amsterdam 2017
Microsoft Hackathon Schiphol 2017
MMA Hackathon Amsterdam 2018
MusicEduHack Rotterdam 2017
Next Mobility Hack Eindhoven 2016
NLVMUG Hackathon ?? 2018
Public Health Hack Breda Breda 2017
Redesign The Netherlands ’s-Hertogenbosch 2017
RevenYOU Leauge Rotterdam (online) 2018
SCN Hackathon Groningen 2016, 2017
Smart Building Hackathon Zwolle 2018
Smart Charging Challenge Amsterdam 2018
Smart City Hackathon Amsterdam 2018
StarApple Hackathon The Hague 2017
Social Hackathon Rotterdam 2017
Sustainable City Hack Gelderland 2017
TADHack The Hague 2016, 2017
Tech for Good Hackathon Eindhoven 2018
Urban Development Hackathon Amsterdam 2018
VG Hackathon ?? 2018
Vishack Stellendam Zeeland 2018
WHAT Datathon Amsterdam 2017
World Port Hackathon Rotterdam 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
WTHX The Hague 2014, 2015, 2016
Xomnia Datathon Amsterdam 2016
YellowTail Hackathon Culemborg 2017


To contribute a hackathon, please fork this repository and add it, maintaining the structure of the table above. Then create a PR that mentions what you’ve changed, and it’ll be merged (and published here) ASAP!

This repository is maintained by Leon Overweel and Joost Verbraeken. See the contributors page for all the other great people who have added hackathons!